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19 diciembre 2017

Northwestern University adopts radioembolization with TheraSphere as first-line treatment for HCC

Interventional News

BTG has announced that following positive results of its 15-year experience between 2003 and 2017 with TheraSphere, Northwestern University, Illinois, USA, has adopted Y-90 transarterial radioembolization (TARE; also known as radioembolization, or selective internal radiation therapy [SIRT]) with TheraSphere as the primary transarterial locoregional therapy for patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) limited to the liver.

05 enero 2018

Vascular plugs score over platinum coils on radiation dose in pelvic congestion syndrome

Interventional News

A prospective, randomised single-centre study that set out to compare the safety and efficacy of vascular plugs and fibred platinum coils for embolization in pelvic congestion syndrome has shown that while both devices resulted in successful embolization, plugs were associated with decreased fluoroscopy time and radiation dose

09 enero 2018

Guerbet acquires IR microcatheter maker Accurate Medical

Interventional News

Guerbet has announced that it has entered into an agreement under which it will acquire Israeli company Accurate Medical, which specialises in the development of microcatheters used in interventional radiology.

15 enero 2018

ECR 2018 to spotlight artificial intelligence, debut special IR programme

Interventional News

The upcoming annual meeting of the European Society of Radiology (ESR; 28 February – March 4, 2018, in Vienna, Austria) has adopted the motto ‘Diverse and United’ and will feature a brand new programme format titled “Interventional Radiology at the Cube”.

25 enero 2018

New UK guidance on training IR to speed up roll out of stroke thrombectomy services

Interventional News

Emergency mechanical thrombectomy dramatically increases a stroke patient’s chance of a full recovery. The UK does not have enough skilled doctors to provide the procedure. NHS England plans to roll out the technique nationally, but will need at least another 50 extra specially trained radiologists.

17 enero 2018

Study to measure shorter duration EKOS therapy for pulmonary embolism is enrolling

Venous News

Global specialist healthcare company BTG has highlighted the commencement of the KNOCOUT PE study. The KNOCOUT PE study will measure how hospitals and patients are benefitting from a new standard of care in the treatment of pulmonary embolism utilising the company’s EKOS therapy with faster and safer protocols, following the encouraging results of the OPTALYSE PE study.

17 enero 2018

Identifying standard practices of antithrombotic therapy post-venous stenting

Venous News

Venous stenting has evolved over the last 15 years, quickly becoming an established procedure, with Class II recommendations from the American Heart Association and American College of Phlebology. Speaking at the Vascular Society of Great Britain and Ireland’s Annual Scientific Meeting (VSGBI; 22–24 November 2017, Manchester, UK), Ankur Thapar presented results from the Venous Research Unit at Imperial College (London, UK) reviewing an expert consensus on antithrombotic therapy following venous stenting.

08 enero 2018

Endovascular 3D navigation system without ionising radiation completes preclinical study

Vascular News

Endovascular navigation startup Centerline Biomedical has successfully completed a fifth preclinical study at Cleveland Clinic facilities evaluating its surgical navigation system, the Intra-Operative Positioning System (IOPS). The study was the company’s most noteworthy study to date; demonstrating ability to track sensorised IOPS instruments precisely and efficiently with enhanced three-dimensional (3D) visualisation and without frequent exposure to cancer-causing ionising radiation associated with current standard of care.

19 enero 2018

First patients enrolled in US pivotal trial of the VasQ device

Vascular News

The first patients have been enrolled in the US FDA pivotal study of VasQ (Laminate Medical Technologies), an implanted blood vessel external support device for patients requiring arteriovenous fistula as vascular access for haemodialysis.

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